My Equipment

The Stark Bayou Observatory:  My observatory is located in Ocean Springs, MS about two miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  Being this far south, I generally have good seeing and can image objects in the far southern sky.  I built the observatory in the spring of 2001.  Its a very simple roll-off roof design with the provision of tieing the roof down with steel plates in case a hurricane threatens (survived Katrina!).  I also have light shields which flip up on all sides to help block stray light from other houses and the two street lights only 50 yards away.  My limiting magnitude of visible stars to the south and at the zenith is about 4.5 on good nights although I have glimpsed mag 5.  The milky way is somewhat visible during the summer when overhead and to the south with some dark lanes showing in Cygnus.  Light pollution is a growing problem as our town grows.

Telescopes: My telescopes include a custom made 10" Carbon Fiber f5 astrograph, A Stellarvue SV90T flourite triplet refractor and a 80mm Stellarvue SV78s Nighhawk which is used for guiding.

SV 90T mounted on MI-250 with SV 78S guide scope

Carbon Fiber Astrograph mounted on MI-250

My imaging Camera is a Starlight Xpress SXV-H9.  I also have a Starlight Xpress MX5-16 which I use as a guide camera.
I use the Astronomik LRGB filter set along with the Astronomik Ha, OIII, and SII filters.  I currrently use a True Tech Supra Slim filter wheel.

I also use Robo focus to automate focusing on both the 10" Astrograph and SV90T.  Aquisition software is Maxim DL and CCD Commander which allows for automated imaging.  For processing I use Maxim DL, CCD Stack, Photoshop and PixInsight LE.