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Scorpius Wide Field

About this object

This image of the region around Scorpius was taken at the Stellarvue Deep Sky Party in Likely CA. This area is often called the most beautiful and colorful area of the summer sky. To the extreme lower left is the Milky Way and the bright nebula's M20 and M8 can be seen. The colorful Rho Ophiuchi Nebula is center right. A red emission area is near the upper center part of the image near the star Zeta Ophiuchi.

Image Details

  • Optics : 35mm f1.4 lens @ f4
  • Mount: Astrotrac
  • Camera: Canon 60Da
  • Filters: None
  • Exposure: (40) 90sec exposures at ISO 1600
  • Camera/Mount Control: Interval Timer
  • Location: Stellarvue Deep Sky Party, Likely CA
  • Date: June 12
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