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The Milky Way around M8 and M20

About this object

This image is a wide field view of the area around the M8 and M20 in the constellation Sagittarius. Lots of stuff going on in this field of view with many deep sky objects visible, including the bright nebula's M8 and M20, star cluster M21 and globular clusters M28, NGC 6638 and NGC 6544. There is also a lot of dark lanes and extra galactic dust visible.

Image Details

  • Optics : Canon 350D with Canon 70-200mm lens 135mm f5.6
  • Mount: Astrotrac portable pier system
  • Camera: Modified Canon 350D
  • Filters:
  • Exposure: (16) 5min exposures
  • Camera/Mount Control: Nebulosity for camera control
  • Location: Stellarvue Dark Sky Party, Likely CA
  • Date: July 2011
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